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About Us


27 years ago in 1991, Saim Sahin set up Noah Camping in Dogubayazit. Although initially established as a restaurant and camping area, the passion of the mountains and research attracted  Noah Camping into the mountains.

Since childhood our founder Saim Sahin who had been in the mountains, decided to live his life in the mountains. His aim was to make everyone who wants to come to the mountains, keep their passions.

Therefore the mission of our company has been to reach mountain and research  enthusiasts and assist them on their journey. Because everyone can not find their passion. According to us people who find their passion and go after it ,are special.

What We Have Done Since 1991

We have a mountaineering past for over 25 years.

With over 900 climbs ,we introduced people from all over the world with mountaineering.

We were able to climb with disadvantaged groups safely.

We were able to make peak climbs with the mountain enthusiasts of old-aged and children.

We have enjoyed pleasant times by performing local and cultural tours.

We have worked with many research teams on Mount Ararat where has been home to various researches for years.

Why Should You Prefer Us

We have created options for you to consider every detail and address for every segment in both climbs and tours we organize.
We have achieved fundamental principles of security and respect for Human Right.
We have an experienced team who do their job with love and passion.
We are proud of being the first company for doing this job in the region.
We have been in the national and foreign media many times.
Most importantly , we like to make our experiences enjoyable and share.

We hope to welcome you in Turkey to discover its nature.
If you want to come , we offer you the options.
If you have a passion; go after it, if you have not had a passion yet; try to find it.

After return of the Mount Ararat  Tour, we give you the opportunity to visit the historic city of dogubayazit with our field guides.

We also take you to the Turkish bath for you to relieve your fatigue and return to your country more energized.

In memory of our founder who lost his life following his passions.

Saim Sahin (1968 ∞ 2016 )

"Mt. Ararat Travel ; are amazing, they go above and beyond to provide a memorable and enjoyable travel experience sharing loads of cultural knowledge."

Larissa Van Heerde
"Hi , I have already said to you that I am glad for the troubles , which were happened with me and my friends. Because I met you and your kind heart. You know, when we were going to Turkey, a lot of people said to us that turkish guys are not good ,that they will hurt us. But I dont know no one turkish guy yet , who is a bad person. Thank you a lot for pleasant talking and warm free room. I will remember this evening for a long time. So , I wish you a great moto-trip to Nepal and good business. Thank you a lot."

"Whole east Turkey is on a quite high altitude is very mountainous.Fortunately we had very good wheather and some great tailwind while cycling in the direction of Iran. On our penultimate day in Turkey we arrived at the highest mountain of Turkey, Mount Ararat which is 5137 meter high. Here we met very amazing mountaineer is Kawa who climbed the Great Ararat countless times. He is very impressive and inspiring guy ! Thank you to Kawa and his all the team .."

Biking Bubus
"Let me introduce a very special person to you. Kawa Şahin is mountaineer and his vision is to discover Noah’s Arch which is supposed to be on Mount Ararat. Imagine this : This crazy young man was living one month on top of the 5137 m high vulcain last year to search fort he arch. Kawa ,you are just an amazing person. Good look for your Project ! And thank you so much for you and your team help during my days in Dogubayazit !"

Dominic Maier
"Honest, friendly people with good local knowledge and impressive service. I highly recommend!"

Ahmed Alaa
"Amazing service and buses and quality .."

John Murphy
"Do miejscowości Dogubayazit przyjechaliśmy wczesnym popołudniem i szukaliśmy dogodnego campingu, gdzie właściciele będą mówić po angielsku, aby wypytać się o dostępne szlaki. I tak trafiliśmy na Noah Camping. Początkowo mieliśmy w planie pochodzić po okolicznych zboczach i podziwiać Ararat z daleka, ponieważ gdziekolwiek w okolicach Araratu nie chcielibyśmy pójść wymagane jest specjalne pozwolenie. Na campingu zaczęliśmy rozmawiać z Kawą, który zajmuje się zarówno campingiem jak i organizacją trekkingów na Ararat. Zastanowiliśmy się może 10 minut, przemyśleliśmy wszystkie za i przeciw i zdecydowaliśmy, że idziemy na podbój Araratu. Do obozu II zeszliśmy o 9 rano, zrobiliśmy godzinną przerwę na drzemkę, regenerację i ruszyliśmy do obozu I, gdzie również odpoczęliśmy godzinę. Bardzo mocno zmęczeni, ale bardzo szczęśliwi o godzinie 16 znaleźliśmy się już u podnóża góry. Kawa przyjechał po nas, a wieczorem zorganizował wykwintną kolację  Z ręką na sercu polecamy jego usługi. polecamy usługi Kawy z campingu Noah. Zorganizował przewodnika, sprzęt, podwózkę do podnóża góry, a po zejściu przyjechał po nas i przygotował kolację."

Dorota Śmigowska